Interactive Technology and Learning Lab is led by Professor Chen-Chung Liu. He is interested in socio-technical classroom design, which aims to reevaluate the functionality and design of a classroom environment in which students use their own computers. Development and research issues regarding this project include the following: Digital Art Design and Learning, Game Based Learning, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, Mobile Learning, Learning With Robot.

互動科技與學習實驗室由劉晨鐘教授所帶領,主要的研究重點放在電腦如何與學習者互動來幫助學習者與同儕間如何透過電腦來互動來學習。互動科技與學習科技實驗室由一群富有創意與活力的研究生進行學習科技(Learning Technology)上的研究。本研究室的研究方向主要為Digital Art Design and Learning、Game Based Learning、Computer Supported Collaborative Learning、Mobile Learning、Learning With Robot。